The Avenue
The Avenue

With the young catchable carp and the excellent on-site facilities, this lake is truly the location for a week of peaceful fishing. 

- 10.2 acres 

- 17 Swims

- 140 carp

- 61lb 8oz record

Weston Park
Weston Park

In its waters is a magnificent head of over 200 stunning common and mirror carp up to 39lb+.

- 200 fish 

- 43lb Record

-  Fast developing water

Acton Burnell
Acton Burnell

Famous for both its fish and spectacular scenery and many famous anglers have visited these lakes to catch its carp. 

- 17 acres 

- 140 fish

- 55-04lb lower lake record

- 49-04lb top lake record

The Monument
The Monument

The Monument holds in excess of 300 spectacular carp up to 49lbs, with 100 different fish over 30lbs

- 8 Acres

- 15 swims

- 300 carp

-49lbs 06oz record

The Sitch
The Sitch

A naturally formed breathtaking 26 acre lake, surrounded by mature dense woodland

- 21 Swims

- 450 fish

- 44lbs 6oz  Record

Welcome to RH Fisheries

We offer five outstanding venues, from day ticket to syndicate waters, that cater for every carp angler's needs. We also offer open access to our syndicate waters during April and May, so you could have the chance of catching some of the best and biggest carp in the UK.

We try to offer a lot more than just big fish, our venues are all very secure safe places to fish, so you can relax and fish in peaceful surroundings. We ensure that the lakes are both maintained and managed to the highest standards, to create the best possible fishing environment.

The Monument is our open fishery, bookable for 24/ 36hr sessions. Boasting a massive head of big fish to 49lb's this wonderful fishery is open to the public. However if you want to target even bigger fish to over 50lb's then Acton or the Avenue, are the ideal fisheries, or if you want action waters in spectacular surroundings, Weston park or the Sitch offer just that.

We are always investing in our fisheries by adding new big fish every year to ensure they keep progressing, and we may even venture abroad one day.

We very much hope one of our fisheries interests you and will look forward to seeing you soon.

Latest Videos and News

Monument 2 video

loads of stunners,

upto 43lb!

Acton Stunners

Acton Burnell

Available for open access

April/ May

then sydicate.

phone 01952463141

for details



Monument 2 Carl & Alex Fishing Video

Monument Fishery

A closer look from above at our work

The drain down

A closer look at the lake bed

Avid Carp,

Matt Woods landing monument 2 first ever 40lber

Read about Simon Crow's capture of Acton's Big Bill at 51lb in his forthcoming book The Adventures of a Carp Angler - buy now

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